Golden Dragon Oolong .Peet’s Coffee and Tea

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the ‘rare’ tea collection $3/pot (incl tax)

by the name it sounded ofcourse like a friggin less oxidized oolong, hoping for green here 😛 but what i got is again a black oolong, well oxidized,

flavor 4/7, 1st pot was strong (they use just boiling water for all teas ofcourse), quite present astringency not high but medium-low, tobacco leaf flavor was less than their TGY, also a bit chocolaty and malty, similar to an assamy + yunnan taste.

2nd pot – rebrewed the leaf (still with just boiling water, but this time less brewed- like 3min)
more pleasant taste, very low astringency, pleasant taste.

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brown liquor, wet leaf is mostly full some torn, varied colors, green, brown, brown-purpleish, green with oxidated edges. most of the wet leaf has a rough feel (picked at an older age?).

pretty good, liked it better than their other oolong – the TGY

would do this one again yes.

take care to do a fast 1st brew for this tea. (1-2min, check taste, it goes astringent fast.)


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