Casbah Cafe .Los Angeles

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Tea notes > Tea Bars/Cafes/Teahouses

3900 w. sunset blvd, Los angeles
right at the corner of Hyperion
in the silverlake area

It has a hippie/feeling congruent with the local population.

inside is small, packed,
a rather large area is dedicated to clothes and other things for sale…
about 5 small round tables and 4-5 larger tables, about 5 outside tables.

1. TEA

they do have a rather varied selection of chinese teas about 5 greens, 5 oolongs, 1 puer, couple black

small cup is $2.5 large is 2.8

they all involve a couple of buggers:

1. tea is stored in ‘glass french jars’ hopefully airtight, on a raft <em>above</em> the area where other drinks are prepared such that vapors running upwards can pass by the tea jars… hmmm not the ideal placement
2. jars are transparent
3. girl couldn’t find the tea i wanted and got the wrong tea…
4. she put boiling water over the tea leaf… oolong… :/ = they dont know how to make tea, except black.

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to find any tea reviews from them, type in the search box casbah.


they do have good coffee, much better than Starbucks and Coffeebean (always burnt).
its because of the supplier they use (i forget the name).
good coffee.

snacks and salads and some food is also for sale.

Find my tea reviews from Casbah Cafe > CLICKY ! <


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