Oolong (Wulong), Green tea and losing weight

March 1, 2007 at 11:20 pm | Posted in Tea and Health | 2 Comments

Does drinking oolong wulong wu-long yi-wu wu-yi or green tea make you loose weight?

Unless its the only food you eat,


in my experience it does not, i did not lose any weight. and i drank alot of it everyday for 1 month. i just went pee alot more than usual. (i still drink alot of oolong, but its now between other cups of green, and black)

if i were to reduce calorie intake = eat less then i would lose weight, but drinking or not drinking the oolong ooshort wuwide green tea or anyother tea didnt change my weight.

There may be teas that have a diuretic effect (caffeine is diuretic, and part of tea leaf)- which means they will make you pee more water, which will seem like youre losing weight when in fact youre not.

There is that other thing about green tea being a “fat burner” which effect i did not experience, i still have the same fat in the same places. My wife used the green tea extract/concentrate for an extended period everyday, without change in diet, and she did not experience any fat changes. (i did not know she used it, she told me one day).

PS. avoid junk food “diets” 🙂 : one week i started on a food binge: pizza, 1.75qt double churned icecream/day (just me), almost all the american type foods in the frozen section…apple pie with icecream on top… oh yumm…

after 1 week… i could not stop putting food in my mouth… it felt good to eat it… i missed it… (especially the icecream… i had another) …1 week gained more than 10 pounds. … (ah… bad for me: fast food binges are bad for your health.)

it was hell trying to return to my normal eating habits, had to clean out the fridge, and avoid fast food at work, and very hard to lose those extra pounds just by my (non)diet (took about 1-2 months for >10lbs).



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  1. it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. does it…

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