Yunnan Gold (Yunnan Dian Hong) .Jing Tea

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review sample from Jing Tea, thank you.

opened the bag: good smell, black Yunnan – with a bit of flowery.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

testing here being compared to local shop’s (WHF’s Yunnan GTR 1105).

Leaf: very nice, long, soft, golden, with tiny hairs (guess: which break off and create the gold dust-the third image which is very close-up zoomed picture). Leaf is much nicer than WHF. Jing wins 1-0

Method: (probably around) 4g/8oz/200F/3min.

Free Image Hosting at<<dang you Imageshack … i need to reupload my pics

Liquor: brownish, WHF’s cloudier but red in color… Jing wins 2-0
liquor: smells winey, it seems to remind me of a ceylon, WHF’s smells smoky.

dont know why i couldnt get the liquor to come out as i see it, but WHF is more red in color, Jing’s is brownish. Difference is minor. The picture is a combination of both therefore not a true representation of either.

Flavor: the specific yunnan taste, malty, CARAMEL but in my taste its got a touch of what i call ‘ceylon’ (from last time i drank a ceylon black tea). While WHF got a touch of SMOKY flavor (not disgusting gasoline like that lapsang i had).

Overall: excellent yunnan, handsome leaf.


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