Tea and the Digestive System (and some systemic/body effects).

February 18, 2007 at 11:59 pm | Posted in Tea and Health | 6 Comments

Things/Effects of tea noticed on Myself:

#1) Tea makes me pee with increased frequency that would make a doctor think i got urinary infection or because of waking up and having to pee maybe some prostate problem. Thats because of 2 reasons: 1: caffeine(or other xanthines) in tea has some diuretic effect-makes you lose water, and 2: having ingested more liquid … !

#2) Tea stains my teeth.

#3) Tea made me addicted to tea. I miss it, i miss all the flavors, i miss the astringency… i ….. must ….. have ….. some …. right …. now ….ummmmm…

#4) Drinking some astringent/tanninic tea (doesn’t matter which: oolong/green/black) by covering my mouth/tongue/palate with tannins sort of inhibits my hunger/need to put things in my mouth. (just did this. i was on a sugar binge with kitkat bars, snickers bite size, and friggin kept looking around for food to put in my mouth, drinking sweet soda… then i realized, aww shit, make it stop! … remembered tea… made myself some green with a bit more hot water, so it came rather astringent, drank it, swished it, and i have to say 1 hour later dont feel the need to eat no more.)

#5) Tea does not make me poop(shit). As soon as i stopped the fruits my digestive tract went to sleep. And i do drink alot of tea, looseleaf, all the varieties, sometimes very astringent(due to bad tea or bad infusion method). But as to my dismay i still had to re-introduce fruit back into my diet which promptly woke up my poop chute. Its possible that some people’s intestine may be more sensitive to the tea components/tannins so it may stimulate muscular contractions — promote bowel movement- on myself: sometimes especially tea with alot of astringency does seem to stimulate some intestine contractions. (dont know which component in tea does this, but coffee has the same effect, maybe its the caffeine, or the tannins). Even if it does stimulate contractions, just drinking tea alone, as some sort of “bowel movement enchancer” does not make me crap. WITHOUT EATING FIBER I DON’T POOP. (by fiber my body means 3-4 apples/day.)

#6) Tea does not make me lose weight.

#7) Tea does not make me better in bed (bird and the bees, etc, i don’t need v i a gra yet, but i’m sure tea is not a substitute.)

#8) …i forgot, but i do gotta go peee right now.



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  1. Your way of using the English language is very confusing. You could try to be a little clearer on what you’re trying to say. But once I understood what you were getting at, this actually answered alot of my questions.

  2. you’re right, i should clean this up.


    I hope its easier to read/understand now.

  3. would green tea make you light headed or nauseas?

  4. nausea- some people complain of that, especially on an empty stomach, it might be the caffeine or other substance causing stomach to contract or secrete acid, dont know exactly. i dont have that issue.

    light headed- never heard of it, … unless you have some reaction with the caffeine, not sure what mechanism

  5. every time, drinking teavana’s chai tea (home steeped, a combo of 2 different chai’s one of then being samuarai chai) makes me poo. Not a very nice poo either. everytime i drink it. what’s the ingredient in the mix thats making this happenn??

  6. Dear Mr Tea,

    You are hilarious.

    I was just searching for information on links between IBS and Tea, and I agree with most of the effects you’ve descibed: points 1, 2, and 3…however, its reverse with point 5!!! Since you’re tried all kinds of tea, whats a good tea which won’t create all these side effects but will still taste like tea!! (I like Assam, Early Grey and regular Chai)

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