Black Tea .Lipton

January 14, 2007 at 12:13 pm | Posted in Black Tea, Breakfast, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

… as i have broken my own vow to never dip my tongue into this product, i must then put it down in my book.

…Come on Mr. C-E-O of Vaseline, you aint got noone to supervise your products? Oh wait, lemme guess – it sells… so… you dont givashit. Its ok. I understand your point$. …I feel for you tho… it must be real hard to goto work and drink that cup of warm liquid shit to impress your employees.

Lets give credit to the product designers & marketers: nice package – yellow and eye popping, (appeals to sheep) , your huge brand name stuck on the face of it, in red, nice contrasty – everybody knows lipton, so it must be good.

NEXT: the organic natural antioxidant bullshit is rubbed in your eyes… everybody loves this shit, i understand why its on the pkg.

…”150mg of protective antioxidants” … just couldnt get that up to 100000mg ?

…”100% natural tea” … as opposed to: 99% natural tea and 1% artificial polyester?

…”it tastes delicious ” … tested on dogs? because i *ass a human* i think*with my brain(the left one)* that it does not taste delicious.

TASTE TEST* : flavor: 1.5/7 , astringency low-medium, bitter very low. flavor of what? i think assamy maybe some ceylon crap… but flavor is so low it really tasted like SHIT.

*one morning in NYC when there was nothing to drink, i proceed to dip a handed teabag into the warm water, where it so dips and floats for aboot 3min. apres quoi je go and drink the resulting liquid with no preconceived notion (i really wished to taste something good).

lets face it you sellers and marketers of shiteabag. the only think you sell is: your name on a teabag.

lets also thank the supermarkets and places that put thishit on their shelves.

~~~ this is my own personal privately pubicly exposed opinion and it should be taken in a cup of humour mixed with 150mg antioxidants and 100% natural tea leaf.


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