Monkey Picked ooLoNG .Wing Hop Fung

January 2, 2007 at 11:49 pm | Posted in Green oolong, Oolong Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

68$/lb don’t know if theyr* scale is off but it looks like a big bag to me…

opened their bag at home, strong flowery smell of the leaves percolated thru to the dendrites of CN1… me like the smell.

used more leaf, left for longer infusions did not create a bad taste, infact it was pretty good than my other tries… this tea grew on me 😛

1st steep flavor 5/7: flowery & pungent, some nutty-buttery, minor green astringency.

after the 3-4th infusion flavor drops to low, astringency gets mild-high.

~~ a la improvised kungfu ~~

10sec ‘wash’ …hmmm: wash smells nice, tastes like nothing.
2min: flavor @ 2/7 = mild composed of: watery floweriness.
4min: flavor @ 4/7 = mild , ‘delicate’ little flowers no green no astringency.

at least there seems to be no caffeine or stimulating chemicals in this one.

~~ a la 1tbsp x 1 cup watar ~~
knowing the waterywash i got last time, this brew got a long infusion >6min.
flavor ~4.5/7 … eh, but much better, 1/3 feel nutty, 1/3 astringent greenish, 1/3 flowery.

*purposely m-isspelled.


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