King’s Tea T103 .Ten Ren Tea

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this is a green oolong (i havent liked any black oolongs sofar)

weirdly their website says King’s Tea “a TenRen exclusive, is made of high quality oolong tea blended with a touch of ginseng”.
they didnt specify that when i got it… argh… i said “what’s King’s Tea” they said “an oolong”…


1st steep: 3min: flavors: i’d say it fills my mouth … is that a ‘full body’? … pleasant ,delicate
flavor: smooth fatty/nutty/BUTTERY (less nuttier than the oolong $12 .tenren) with a noticeable sharp green pungency.

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2nd steep: 5min: flavors: a touch of green peeks about with minute tannin.

3rd steep: 15min: still nutty & buttery, more tanninic but not hugely so- like 2/7. except it leaves a dry throat sensation afterwards.

used more leaf & longer steep (4-5min): more intense flavor, and astringency (greenish). but then about the 3rd infusion a surprise: sweet aftertaste – after swallow, wait 1 minute, then breathe thru your mouth you feel this sweet sensation on the tongue and roof of the mouth (palate). nice. (maybe this is from the ginseng? i dont know how ginseng tastes.)

after 4-5 infusions the nutty-buttery taste fades, and so remains a mild greenish taste, almost none of the sweet aftertaste.

wet leaf: theres quite long stems attached to the leaf… i dont like to pay for twigs… otherwise i’d got twig tea.

repurchase chance: maybe.


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