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December 29, 2006 at 10:37 pm | Posted in Green Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | 5 Comments

who’s ready for a science experiment????!!!

these cans caught my eye at Ralph’s since they were “on sale” 2 for $5

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they’re SELF HEATING!!! yay !!! way cool!!!

turn it upside down, press a button to release a chemical, turn it on its side until an indicator turns white, then put it right on the table.
about 5 min later i pop the top and the liquid was HOT HOT HOT!!!

that sounds all dope and shit, but i bought a tea…so how’s it taste???

well i shoulda remembered that one time at band camp when i put milk in green tea – it wasn’t nice – i didn’t enjoy that taste experience. so how’s this?

taste: milky, it has sugar, some tea flavor. don’t know if its the combination with the tea but it tasted like powdered cheap milk concentrate or some shit.

i didn’t like it, only reason to drink it was for the sweet milk, but then the combination with the tea felt nasty.

buy again: NO. i’ll try the other i got- chai latte- keep my fingers crossed for better.

***UPDATE: the other one: chai latte from hillside tea tastes a bit like chai, milk, but it has the same shitty ‘powder milk’ taste that i dont like.



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  1. Well, it is now almost a year since the last comment. I have to say, I disagree with the review. Normally I don’t go in for gimmicks but I thought this looked cool, so why not try it. I bought the same 2 flavors; Green Tea Latte and Chai Latte. I was pleasantly surprised. The Chai was enjoyable and had a nice flavor. I would definitely buy that again. The Green Tea, not so much. It tastes like Green Tea Ice Cream which is always over sweetened.

  2. Just tried the green tea latte and it exploded with white powder all over my kitchen. I poured the drink out into a mug and all of the chemicals were inside the tea. Seriously considering a lawsuit here. I also inhaled a bunch of the quicklime vapor.

  3. eeewww….
    so you didn’t quite like it 😉

  4. Blegg, this stuff IS gross.

    And it seems the container wasn’t made to be too sturdy.

    A bit of quicklime burst out of the bottom when I pushed in the button, and after an hour, it’s JUST NOW starting to kind of warm up. Gave up some time before then, though, and opened it to take a sip. It still tastes weird and now it feels like my stomach is kind of burning.

    OnTech and Hillside Tea are one and the same company.
    They were responsible for the Wolfgang Puck self-heating coffee cans recall several years ago.

    Doing a quick google search for Hillside Tea doesn’t reveal the news stories, but only this blog.

    So here’s a warning to those checking to see if these cans are ok before drinking them.
    They’re not.
    You’re in for some serious heartburn if you do drink them, though.

    I mean, it heats itself!

    ….just tasted it, uuuuuuugh.
    the review hits it spot on.

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