Oi Ocha Dark /Koi Aji Ryokucha .Ito En

December 27, 2006 at 10:52 pm | Posted in Green Tea, just green tea, Tea Reviews | 4 Comments

~$2. .5L @ local store/Sunrise Mart/Whole Foods/ItoEn (NY)
also comes in 2L bottle.

I don’t know what oi ocha koi aji ryokucha means but it sounds Japanese 😛

[2009 USA bottle pics coming soon] Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Taste: A toasted sensation first comes, then its covered and not felt as much in the following sips.  There’s alot of “tannin/astringency” of the nicer kind (green leaf, not the cheap teabag kind that end up towards bitter.) Its much stronger than its lighter colored label oi ocha family – oi ocha .ito en … stronger taste? well, more like stronger tannin and more astringent, as for the flavor, it doesnt feel as “improved” as is the astringency… Alot of tanin is left in the mouth/back of palate, lick it feels green … maybe over-infused sencha. really over infused… with boiling water… hmmm, just noticed it matches oi: over-infused… heh

Overall: kinda bummed it doesn’t have a distinctive flavor. Not sure i’d buy this again tho, its too extracted, and the tannin is too prominent. Its good for a bottled tea, but I’ll stay with the regular oi ocha.

side note: had the pork bao (char siew pork) at Famima!! but didn’t enjoy it- breading was nice and fluffy tho not as fluffy as the one i had in Chinatown (forgot store); filling was sweet, then a taste of canned meat(kinda bitter), then some pork taste (filling was quite similar to the one in Chinatown).



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  1. You are right about the taste of Koi(condense) Aji (taste/smell). I have added water to Koi Aji and dilute it and what do you know, it taste just like the oi ocha green tea itoen (same company). So, with the same price for both flavor, I would go for Koi Aji, cuz you get more for half the price! You’re actually buying a condensed version of the oi ocha.

  2. hehehe, very nice 🙂

  3. it’s very green and very strong, i am guessing with more coffein too. i much prefer this to what seem to me more diluted bottled green teas.

  4. Don’t know that it has more caffeine or not
    But agree its good

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