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December 20, 2006 at 10:51 pm | Posted in Tea Stores | 2 Comments

in the Colorado Paseo Mall /Pasadena/CA

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Conceptually the store looks nice. There is an enough choice of tea with a bit more indian, but present as well are japanese sencha, and chinese oolong. for the beginner it has most of the well known tea types: assam, nilgiri, earl grey, darjeeling, oolong, jasmine pearls.

(at the time of this review)
but, theres a limited selection. like 3 oolongs mostly dark, 1 green. 1 puerh.
Teas are stored in large metal containers on the back wall, and also same teas are in 100g(?) metal tins on the side walls.
There were a couple of the large tea containers that were empty, out of stock…

the rest of the floor is mostly occupied with blocky(occupy alot of space for little use) display setups for 10 expensive tea cups, some accessories and some books.

there are 3-4 tables to sit down. they have free internet if you want to spend some time in the store.

there are usually 2 sample teas brewing by the door.

Staff was friendly and helpful.

they got a website with info www.leaforever.com but the flash navigation is a bit slow.

I’d say this store is ok for a beginner.

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  1. I find your review of this store right on! I live in San Francisco. I have gotten spoiled having had the best Chinese Tea house in my neighborhood and befriending the owner… who is now a licensed tea inspector in Hong Kong.

    I happened upon this tea store by accident when I was in Pasadena on business. I bought some Silver Needle, and also something they called 1979 Collectors Oolong. Both were uckie.
    The Silver Needle tasted very strange. The Oolong was strange too. My friend told me you should not drink old tea, and that this was a gimmick.

    I spent $60.00… and was not happy with the tea quality.

    Like you said the store is for beginners. Next time I will taste before I buy.


  2. its good to know i’m not that “OFF”
    thanks for your comment.

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