Japan Sencha .Kowa

November 5, 2006 at 2:01 am | Posted in Green Tea, just green tea, Sencha, Tea Reviews | 2 Comments

looseleaf 8.99 made by Kowa company (i think they’re into the coffee business.)
my bugger with this: they call it ‘Japan Sencha’ yet its made in Spain?

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great packaging: airtight metal box (this should be a model to all who boast about their supposed ‘freshness’.)

dry leaf: varying shapes, some stem, some brown stem = “quality is low”

flavor: tastes green, astringency does not bother too much.

astringent continues in the aftertaste along with a lemony sensation.
if this is all sencha green tea leaf and nothing else thats good because i detect some lemon on my tongue. or maybe its the green twigs or something from the plant… i remember chewing tree leaves when young… but im pretty sure its lemony… i think i sense it in the smell as well.

buy again: yes. nah, made up my mind. i don’t think so.



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  1. Tried Kowa China Pu-erh…Love..Love..Love it…reminds me of the tea my mom would make for me as a child…I can not find this tea anywhere…it was given to me as a gift…PLEASE help me find it…I live in the Myrtle Beach South Carolina area…if you know of a company, that will ship to me please let me know…Thanks for your help…Barbara Hamberger

  2. sorry cant help, i got it at a Cost Plus World Market in Los Angeles…

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