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November 4, 2006 at 6:07 pm | Posted in Green Tea, just green tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | 3 Comments

found at Fujiya Market /Silverlake. cost $ 2.50 !!! 😦

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good thing i had notes, otherwise i wouldve rated them all a 1. (%_%) ! ?

flavor 1.5/7 (‘fried’ green tea flavor ~0.5) astringent 2/7, aftertaste 0.

again: no. (id pick itoen green tea bottle, at least i know im paying for some astringency).



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  1. I had this iced tea yesterday and I felt refreshed and thoroughly energized! It was light and lovely

  2. I feel the Kirin Green Tea is the best of bunch for my tastes, so I disagree with your assessment of it. Perhaps you have a different preference in tea. It is probably the lightest of any bottled/canned green tea I have tasted and has virtually no bitter aftertaste (a big plus in my book). Almost as easy to drink as water, very refreshing. In Japan, I might rate this as Itoen’s main competitor for the most popular brand. The Itoen, while the “standard” variety is not too bitter, is still across the board more bitter and has more of an aftertaste than the Kirin. I wish Kirin were as easy to locate in the U.S. as the Itoen seems to be.

  3. its been a couple years and i dont remember it, but from my note there it seems it had some tea taste tho light -as you also point out- so i dont know with which part you disagree with.

    this didnt seem to satisfy me; the itoen does have more flavor but to me it is rather rough and on the “strong” side so that isnt much my preference either /but picking from these 2 i’d rather have itoen.

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