Ten Ren Tea .Los Angeles – Chinatown

October 11, 2006 at 7:49 pm | Posted in Tea Stores | Leave a comment

in the same shopping mall as Wing Hop Fung except whf is at the street front, TenRen is at the back of the mall.

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Nice floor space, well organized. Chinese region looseleaf teas mostly oolong, some accessories, boxed teas. Not as much variety as WHF. The second part of the store is a drink serving arrangement for bobo tea and such (i did not check that out).

The teas i noticed were: ~ 4 varieties of each: puerh, white, oolong green, oolong black, green. there was some lung ching as well.

The teas are categorized by kind, and price. there is no region provenience information.

Teas are stored in large metal containers.

Owner lady was very nice, pleasant, put up with my fiddling even tho i got 1oz of 4 oolongs.

they have a bunch of websites .coms, .nets selling packaged teas, but the one where you can order loose leaf tea i think is tenren.com which also has info on the many store locations.

STORE RATING: YES. will return but due to smaller variety it’ll be #3 on my list.

also. not so sure that quality is high. probably somewhere around medium, maybe medium-low high.

Find my tea reviews from TenRen > CLICK !!!! <


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