Green Tea with Ginseng (diet) .Arizona

October 2, 2006 at 5:35 pm | Posted in Green Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | 1 Comment

1. sweet taste

2. lemon-citrusy

3. a faint tea flavor .. couldnt say its green… more like black
4. honey

5. a prolonged sweet aftertaste from the ‘sugar’ (splenda)

obviously they only see us wanting sweets… or does the sweet get more re-purchased…

i drank the regulr arizona lemon green tea which is very sweet.

my opinion? : this is CRAP. keep? no. hell NO.


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  1. As someone who has recovered from drinking a liter of coke a day (not diet might i add) , i have found a friend in arizona diet green tea. it has given me enough sweet to kick my habit and has to be a whole heck of a lot better for me. i do agree that the regular arizona green tea is nasty, but its diet counterpart is simply divine. if you really want to taste a nasty tea, try the bottled lipton diet green tea.

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