Peach oo-la-long .Honest Tea

September 23, 2006 at 6:51 pm | Posted in Oolong Tea, RTD Bottled Tea, Tea Reviews | 3 Comments

peach oo-la-long ? ….is this for teenage girls??? oo-la la la?!
‘real tea, real taste, honest’ …not after you taste it.
‘organic oolong tea with peach’ …of course, slap *organic* on everything to sell more of it.
they just couldn’t abstain from pooping in with a little sugar. (1g sugar/30ml, vs coke 1g/8ml)

taste: first you taste something sweet, then a tad flavor of dilute peach, then some tea astringency, then a tiny bit of unidentifiable tea flavor. maybe its some of that shitty cheap ass oolong i had a couple times…
disappointing, and not honest at all.

NO. and boooooo !



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  1. I love the stuff! It isn’t “kick you in the head” stong, but it is a nice energy lift and I enjoy it! I am actually looking for a site that will sell cases of the glass containers.

  2. It’s hard for people with American palates to get used to this type of flavor. Pure tea, not too strong or sweet. To them, it tastes watery and tasteless. To Asian palates though, it’s just right. You’ll find that most Asian bottled teas (Japanese, Chinese) are like Honest Tea’s line: real tea flavor, little to no sugar at all. American Iced Teas are all very sugary and strongly fruit flavored not to mentioned artificial sometimes.

  3. so what are you saying then?

    this is not “pure tea” its an American concoction for “American palates”, sold in the USA in American Supermarkets. In what Asian Supermarkets have you seen Honest Tea products?

    Chinese/JP products – made for the “Asian palate” are 90% NOT in “American” stores but in Chinese/JP supermarkets.

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