Phoenix Oolong (Dan Cong) Mi Lan Xiang .Zhong Guo Cha

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Zhong Guo Cha O-8-1-1 Phoenix Oolong (Dan Cong Mi Lan Xiang)
$11.95/50g that comes to $6.79/oz ($108/lb)

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oh yeah, this is sooo good, just as i remember it from 1 year ago. (also got this other very tasty Phoenix Oolong (Dan Cong) Yu Lan Xiang Cha .Zhong Guo Cha.

Comparing the present dancong to the dancong from Dobratea (3 times cheaper, but the taste is 3 times poorer):
mindless me – after the 1st infusion, forgot the zhonguocha dancong … 20 minutes in the yixing …! aye i thought i’d get astringent crap, but i’m pleased to say i still drank it with pleasure, it is strongly astringent but the astringency has the nice dancong flavor, and … its just good… the dobratea was overinfused 10 minutes and it came out with a bland cruddy astringency cheap tea bag like. — conclusion: sometimes price does matter (when you get a quality product in return that is)/ then again… at high prices i can’t stock on too much… eh…


i was starting to write this, and i smelled the infusion, oh boy…. YUM … i’m getting impatient waiting for it to cool.

Taste: the taste has the same complexity as the jade oolong .chado tea, but the flavor is different. it is kind of like when you scratch an orange peel and that mist of orange strikes your face, tho this tea is not exactly orange in flavor, it is fruity and flowery, very particular and exciting flavor 6/7. i think there’s a melon flavor but unsure. very low astringency. does pretty good in re-infusion with cold water. Others agree this tea is superb (DominicT).

As you see in the first pic leaf seems large and intact. after multiple infusions the leaf was still very tightly wrapped on the Y axis, it took me a couple minutes to delicately try to unwrap the darn thing (i also left it in water overnight and they were still wrapped). you see in the 2nd pic 2 tea leaves is what is in one of those ‘sticks’.

Overall: tea-keep-o-meter: YES YES YES!!!


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