Tea and cancer

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again, this is from the FDA

(begin quote)[… 

In a review article published in the July 7, 1993, issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Chung S. Yang, M.D., of Rutgers University in New Jersey reports that “many laboratory studies have demonstrated inhibitory effects of tea preparations and tea polyphenols against tumor formation and growth.” The studies, though not conclusive, are intriguing.

Yang describes studies in which laboratory animals fed green tea had reduced formation or growth of skin tumors, esophageal tumors, gastrointestinal tract tumors, and tumors of the liver, lung and pancreas. Black tea also has shown activity against skin, lung, liver, and esophageal tumors.

Results of epidemiological studies are murkier. Some indicate a protective effect of tea against certain cancers, others show no relationship, and still others show a higher incidence of some cancers, particularly esophageal, in heavy tea drinkers.

Although higher rates of esophageal cancer are seen in some parts of China, Iran and Japan, where tea consumption is high, it’s not clear why. According to FDA research chemist Joseph M. Betz, Ph.D., “It’s been bounced back and forth as to whether the high incidence is due to tea polyphenols or to proliferation of esophageal cells in response to physical damage to those cells cause by habitual consumption of a very hot beverage, as has been proposed by Dr. Bruce Ames at the University of California at Berkeley.”

Yang reports that several case-control studies showed no association between esophageal cancer and drinking tea at normal temperatures (35 to 47 degrees Celsius, or 95 to 117 degrees Fahrenheit), but that ingestion of very hot tea (55 to 67 degrees Celsius, or 131 to 153 degrees Fahrenheit) was associated with twofold to threefold increases in risk.

…](end quote)

(…for those who think there is a conspiracy going on, you better learn reading and comprehension) 


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