Green Tea and Health

August 2, 2006 at 3:48 pm | Posted in Tea and Health | 1 Comment

here’s a new post on green tea ‘health benefits’

you want to be healthy ?

EXERCISE REGULARLY & maintain BMI/ abdominal circumference within normal limits. it doesnt have to be excessive exercise, but moderate exercise is best.


DONT EAT too much FAT (LDL oxidation will make atherosclerosis)

EAT VEGGIES for fiber & vitamins (potato is not a veggie):
* fiber will irritate the colon promoting quicker evacuation of digested food.
* fiber will absorb water, and along with quicker transit will decrease exposure of the digestive tract to any carcinogens in the food.
* fiber will absorb, help evacuate digested bile juices which are carcinogenic (to the colon mucosa).

EAT vitamins, and calcium (but not too much)
* overdosing on vitamins will create as much disease as not having enough vitamins.

AVOID STRESS !!! very important.. and here’s why:

  • stress leads to increased CORTISOL –>
  • cortisol raises blood sugar & inhibits glucose entry into most tissues (muscle, fat)
  • cortisol breaks protein (in muscle,etc)
  • cortisol inhibits the inflammatory response = poor wound healing
  • cortisol inhibits the immune system = prone to infections, poor response to cancer.

hope for: good genes, low environmental damage.

* the DNA in the chromosomes has only so many times left to replicate, after which it starts creating wrong proteins and kills cell function… telomeres are at the end of the chromosomes allowing for increased number of replications, and theres the telomerase enzyme which helps elongate the telomeres…even so, eventually the DNA will stop replicating properly, and cells will die. meaning: we wont live forever.
* there are numerous times that cells will mutate – potentially degenerating into cancer – but our immune system catches most of these mutated cells and terminates them. so we need a working immune system, or good genes that lead to a powerful immune system = even if you drink all the antioxidants and nutrients if you have a lazy immune system it wont help.


follow medical screenings recommended for your age group.

visit a medical doctor for prevention information/ recommendations.


this is not a medical consult, its not medical advice, talk to a licensed physician


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