Green Tea .Wing Hop Fung

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$18.99/lb … v. low price

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yes i know: not white balanced, blurry.

leaf: broken ~ 1/2 inch length, theres lots of stems.

2.2 tsp + 2 cup water @ 190F ~ 3-4min –> BETTER, flavor ~3.5/7, some toasty-fried oily green. 2/3 as strong as the Oi Ocha .ito en, but its better than my previous infusions.

keep? maybe.

~~~~ previous ~~~~~

brew: ~180F (was 194 into cold ceramic cup, stood 2min) ~4-5min ~1-1.5tsp? … admire the exact expert technique
smell: faint green, … fried? …oily? (^.^)???

taste: had some last nite, was good. today: like the smell indicates: faint green grass with a twist of fried? kinda leaves an oily aftertaste. not bad. seems foody… no taninics no bitterness…

if do a quick infuse you get a greenish liquor, if left for longer color turns orange-ish (dont know if thats from oxidation or what).

infused longer it does gather tanin but still no bitterness…

i wonder how it would be iced… man is so hot these days.

update: 2nd steep: less grass, more like broken green tree twigs (if you have that experience).

update: cold/room temp water –> didnt come out too good… after 20min, color is faint, smell is faint, taste is faint…


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