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YMY tea bags .(box says manufactured in USA…ok ,the little teabags say on them ‘packaged’ in the USA)

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~1.5$/box of 16 ‘aluminium’ teabags (it was on ‘sale’ at ralphs) (–> ~24$/lb)

in 194F water, ~ 4min,
taste: yup, good, does indeed taste like ‘real’ green tea, although very dilute, but can still perceive some grass taste, some tiny oily flavor. (on one 6min steep of 2bags a fishy flavor came out but the astringent-tannins were more overpowering).

CBW (cold water) ~ 20min, wow we are at the pier! strong fishy smell! wow, did not expect this from a bagged tea. flavor still lacks green.

taste: ok… flavor 4/7, tannin 2/7, bitter 0/7.

final: even tho powerful green flavor is lacking, overall its an ok tea. buy again: YES. (unless fresh looseleaf is available).

~~~ interesting thing was: it was not with the other teas… at Ralph’s… it was in the ‘asian food’ section…?! and there were only 2-3 boxes of green and 2-3 boxes of genmaicha…


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