Tiger PDHB22U Microcomputer-Controlled Water Heater

July 16, 2006 at 7:51 pm | Posted in Tea tools, accessories, Water heating | 2 Comments

$80 (2006 USDollars), at the local Fry’s.
manufacturer’s website product page.

RETIRED. after 4.5 years.  scale attack.

This is not specific for tea needed temperatures., its a general use water heater. A tea water heater was about $150 which…is kind of steep. (i read the Zojirushi brand is a good choice for that).

My take on the useful features encased in the “dent proof” body:
– 2.2 Liters of water (its alright for half day intense tea drinking.)
– selectable temperatures: 208F/ 194F/ 140F (at 194F the water is hot enough, and in a cup it gets cooler in good time)
– takes 11 minutes for 1.5L to reach 194F in an already hot heater, 15 minutes from cold start.
the plastic body is hot, don’t know what that does to keeping temperatures stable.
– 6 hour delayed boil timer.
– electronic lock – you have to push an unlock button first, then push the dispense water button. (i think this is very good, it prevents accidental spillage)
– push button to dispense water (it has a pump, but when the water is low, but not empty, the pump doesn’t pump anything out.
– dispensed water stream is pretty exact and well controlled, some splattering at the end, no dripping.
– on a rotating base! cute, useful, but the feet are not too sticky, it slides on tile.

Water temperature measurements(with a cheap 10$ thermometer):
– using 1.5L water at 77F, it finished the 208F program in ~15min
– after 1hour the machine’s internal water temperature was 206.8F/97.1

update: after 6 months of 24h on, opened it up, drained the water, visible mineral deposit “scale” on the inside walls of the pot! had to scrub at it for 15 minutes with paper towels, but removed most of it (the manual said something about putting in citrate, dont have any) (in the process the surface did get scratched, so not really recommending this method). i wonder what its like inside the pipes…cant clean that up… interesting… eventually is this going to have a stroke???

2 year update: so now its been on 24h for more than 2 years, with some minor cleaning in the beginning. Now there appears to be some sort of pigment on the walls. its easily wiped off. probably rust from water.

Scale is back, not going to scratch it off this time, should go buy some de-scaler thing from somewhere… i think its taking longer to boil much scale. and its throwing errors/beeps

3 year update: managed to get a descaler bottle at walmart. did 2 runs, then scratched/wiped walls, did another descaler run, wiped scale off… not sure how much the descaler worked, i still put muscle into it to remove scale…

seems to boil faster now no more extra beeping.

RETIRED. after 4.5 years. due to too much scale buildup unable to clean it off and constant clouding of water.

Why an electric water dispenser?
– no need to clean the pot every time i brew a tea. (except at monthly intervals to remove salt deposits)
– no time to fiddle with gaiwans, yixings, etc. (i’d like to, but …time).
– don’t have to run to the kitchen to turn off the a n n o y i n g loud whistle some pots make.
– water is always hot (you need to leave it plugged in).



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  1. thanks for the update. I have one for about a month.

  2. more update

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