Taj Mahal .Brooke Bond

June 22, 2006 at 3:10 pm | Posted in Assam, Black Tea, Tea Reviews | 1 Comment

Package: box of 100bags $4.99/7oz/200g ($ 11/lb),(they also have a bigger box, and box of loose tea).

Brooke Bond* since 1869′ distributed by Unilever* (i thought they make detergent, ok, their website-vestigating i see they have the brand Lipton* also… Vaseline* ;..(^_^ )…mmmm….vaseline*

(*all trademarks, copyrighted names and images are property of their owner, and all that shit. don’t sue me for writing about your bland tea).(except the picture, i took it… so… its mine !, if i catch yous copy’d my pictures without permission, i will sue yous for 1gigabillion rupees)

‘an exclusive blend of teas …from the finest gardens of Assam… blah blah..
…to ensure…freshness…in each and every cup.’

if they wanted to ensure freshness in every cup, they should have invested some R&D into better packaging… this is the box of 100 teabags …entire big large side is the cover which opens = lots of exposure to air.


1bag/8oz cup, 3 min. me no like it.

2bags/ 10oz cup, 3 min. even without agitation its fairly astringent and some bitterness.

Method: 1bag/4min boiling water, 10oz cup.

Taste: ok, some maltiness, low bitterness (it feels like it could go for 5min without bittering). taste is pretty much similar to the CTC bag Mamri (but the Mamri has a funky flavor that i don’t like). this Taj M is just basic maltiness, no extra nothing.

they feel like an everyday tea kind of thing…something ok, nothing exciting.

the bag factor is convenient…for the lazy, like me.

Overall: ‘verdict’ …. i’ll just keep it till it runs out. but in the end… dont like it.

My preference now stands at: Taj Mahal < PG Tips < Yorkshire Gold


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