Assam CTC .Mamri

June 22, 2006 at 3:00 pm | Posted in Assam, Black Tea, Tea Reviews | 7 Comments

got this at the local indian specialty store (New India Sweets and Spices)

$2.99 /14oz /’400’g ($3.41/lb) :O (thats some cheap tea)

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its an assam CTC ‘strong Mamri tea improved blend, flower upper assam tea’. product of india.
i think its sold to make chai, since they have some instructions on the back ‘how to prepare best Indian Chai’
1 tsp, dropped cup of boiling water over it, 3min.

smell: it has a bit of smell cant identify it.

taste: good, ok, minimal bitternes, some astringency. feels like its missing something… sugar, or spices…

kinda tastes like the Brooke Bond Taj Mahal

07-05-06: did some 5 cups , 1tsp @ 4min , into one big bottle.
taste: malty 4/7, astringency 4/7, bitter 1/6 (how’s my scale?). well, its a bit more astringent than malty, and it has an extra funky-ness i dont really like, like some sort of food flavor?…(… it feels like a funky flavor in the other ceylon i got -the earl grey ceylon…the vithanakanda does not have this. )

i just infused a new cup this morning and poured lots of sugar, hoping for some breakfast maltiness, but that funky taste remains a bugger, a bummer… not enjoying it… i’m going to try it a couple more times, if no different… i may have to toss it.

NO. //–> get Brooke Bond Taj Mahal.



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  1. i want to purchase mamri tea what to do: pls do let me know

  2. if you are in the Los Angeles area, there are
    local indian stores such as ‘New India Sweets and Spices’, or others i dont know of. Use the Yellow Pages to find a store near you.
    Or you can find it online.
    I prefer local businesses.

  3. We also like Chai Garam CTC Tea – “India’s Finest Mamri Tea” – which I bought at India Mart in Yuba City (where he prices it at $4.99 for a two-pound box). Contact info for distributor: India Tea Importers

  4. My grandfather grew up in the Indian tea estates and he always drinks Tea India. It’s available at Indian stores in most metropolitan cities or for an online shopping junkie like me, amazon!

  5. The mamri tea ia a pure strong assam tea without additives grown for making traditional chai….it’s not meant to be used on its own as a black tea but is designed to be combined with milk ,sugar and spice combinations such as cardomom ,cinnamon ,cloves ,nutmeg and ginger. When these recipes are followed its delicious.

  6. I bought tea India MAMRI tea ‘from selected assam estates’ and googled their turns out their mamri is made from pekoe.hence lack of malty flavor!but it does make a good cup of chai!but im getting and I cant have that much spicyness..
    apparently ‘mamri’ indicates a type of leaf shape and cut,not the variety of tea plant.i like whole leaf tea.i got a box od assam tea from this same store years ago-genuine,very malty flavor.

  7. This tea is delicious!!! It is smooth and makes an amazing tea.

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