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June 17, 2006 at 2:50 pm | Posted in Tea Stores | 1 Comment

Los Angeles – Chinatown (website) aparently they have a website where they sell the products from the market including the teas :

the WHF store is part of a mini-mall building. The mall’s underground parking is partly free = with validation (each store validates for 30minutes with purchase; WHF requires 20$ minimum for parking validation). theres street meters, or some side-street parking without meters. Parking tickets for expired-meters is ~ $45 😛 😦 😀 😛

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big place, supermarket,

lots of teas
(2nd floor), looseleaf, it seems mostly Chinese region teas
ALOT of greens and oolongs,
also present: pu erh bricks and cakes, and lots of commercial boxed tea bags.

loose tea is stored in big glass containers, so they’re exposed to light (dont know if that has any importance to long term storage). didnt look like the lids were air-tight either. there’s another place where they have the green teas, also exposed to light & air.

lots of tea accessories, gaiwans, pots, cups, iron kettles.

they had a a little tea table where they were brewing sample oolong, when i was there, in a little yixing (who knows tho what else has been in this pot…) and then poured into little tiny paper cups.

service: the salesgirl had some trouble understanding the words ‘YUNNAN tea’… which were 3 feet away. she didnt seem to know much about the teas, but did recommend the expensive ones (which i passed on). there were older sales people but i did not bother them. again young sale-girl did not understand ‘mao feng’, the older more experienced woman knew right away and showed me the available selection.

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packaging is good, their own branded plastic ziploc bags, the top is heat-melted closed so that you have to cut it to open & access the ziploc. (i dont think it has any special lining, looks like plastic all around.)

STORE RATING: YES. will return and spend all my easily earned dollar bills.

Find my review for WHF’s teas > CLICK ! <


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  1. They also have a store in Monterey Park on Atlantic & Garvey. I think the staff is more helpful than the ones in Chinatown.

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