Yunnan Black .Wing Hop Fung

June 11, 2006 at 11:32 am | Posted in Black Tea, Tea Reviews, Yunnan | Leave a comment

TEA> Black Tea> China> Yunnan (for more)

Wing Hop Fung (review), $0.43/oz = $6.99/lb :O !!! cheap !

Leaf: nice, varied length, with lighter colored leaves (are these so called gold tip?) (sorry about the 1st image is over-sharpened)

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Method: 4g? 8oz? 200F.

Flavor: here’s my notes of the first yunnan black tea experience:

woody? aroma? …good yunnan flavor woody?, i did not sense any strong fermentation like pu-erh (but maybe i dont remember)
aftertaste: minty fresh (not sure about this) & a little malty
very nice.

update 07/12/06: water 198F, more than 1 cup water, ~1.5tsp , 10 min. Wow, this is great! strong taste, low bitternes, low astringency, but the taste is very good, like it alot. Can feel some agitation from caffeine or related chemicals. really really enjoyed this, very good for morning, breakfast tea, wake-me upper. mm so good.

Overall: not bad.


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