Sessa Estate Winey Assam .Chado Tea

May 29, 2006 at 9:29 pm | Posted in Assam, Black Tea, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

description: “An outstanding tea featuring lots of golden tips, hearty, full bodied and rich yet very sweet and smooth with a round flavor. A completely satisfying Assam. Winey, Forceful and impressive.

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aspect: leaf variable size, some gold tips? (the lighter color leaves…i dont know) … some dust present, unpleasant.
coldwater: tablespoon! …15min … liquor is dark orange. ok… no assam maltiness… trying to get it to my wine tastebuds… it is smooth, i guess. fine. … i guess there is some faint wine reminder, i think in the aftertaste. goes well with sugar, theres not alot of bad sugar aftertaste.

another day: well, unless my water was tainted, i now sense a fruity smell off of the freshly hot brewed tea… 4min, taste is bitter first, sense some faint fruity aftertaste (among the bitterness, so its hard to distinguish). will have to check, clean pots and pans, i dont know where the fruity is from :P.

final: medium-low maltiness, bitterness present (bitter is not my favorite taste).



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