Chado Tea Room

May 13, 2006 at 4:11 pm | Posted in Tea Stores | 2 Comments

Chado Tea is a local tea store with looseleaf, tea accessories, and another room where they serve food and tea. Dont know how that is.

The store has wide variety: Indian, Chinese, Japanese, there were many herbal.
The guy behind the counter knew the teas, recommended good teas so far. ~ok range of prices.

They did not have info on pick date, or region of origin. (their website seems to have that on some teas.)

Teas are stored in big metal containers, seem to have good lids.

Package is in paper bags with some plastic lining, ok for temporary storage, but not well sealed so the smell leaks out, and i suppose air goes in. their earl grey particularly can not stay in these bags.

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they have two locations, one near Beverly Center, and one in Pasadena,
also a website for ordering, and more information.

STORE RATING: YES. will do business here again.

Find my reviews for Chado’s teas > CLICK !!! <



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  1. Chado Tea Room carries the finest and the freshest teas anywhere, offering teas from around the world. No other outlet carries this variety. Price can never overcome quality and freshness. They are the importers of their own teas, so before you buy from the third party buy it fresher from the first – since their wholesale division is the 3rd largest division in the U.S.

  2. you seem to know alot about them…but,

    quality and freshness are more important than price in an IDEAL world.

    in my world there are compromises.

    and at this time i consider $100 for 1 pound of LEAVES as ridiculous (and im not talking about chado here, but about other stores where ive seen even more outrageous prices.)

    but i sure do like quality… and i certainly will not drink dirt just because its cheaper.

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