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1. teavana in the city

first time with looseleaf was at a Teavana store in SF area. the nice visual setup of the store, carefully planned, with contrast, clean, sparkling clean, and some big silver metal containers … i said… yup they probably sell overpriced crap. and they did, filled up some 2 containers with the herbal rooiboses, paid like 30$ for that 2 years ago. we cursed them, and then when walking back to the car, we observe they accidentally slapped on an extra 2 tin cans, aww, ‘so sorry’.

year passes by, the rooibos are 2/3 empty, but they smell like new! fresh!… the tins i like, nice tins, so i decide to get some tins…

online tea store

2. emailed to ask size in inches of the tins…. week later no reply, i call by phone, and get my answer.

3. months later, decide to order some tins and tea. ordered like 30$ stuff. 1 week later, no charge on credit card, i email them. the complete email response (i blued it):

Please call us at 404.995.8221 with your Teavana order# to check the status of your order.

Teavana Mail-order Hours:
9:00 – 5:00pm
Monday -Friday
Thank you!

Derick Armstead
Teavana Internet/Mail order Dept
3475 Lenox Rd. Ste 860
Atlanta, GA 30326

(>_<) — WTF? do i fuckin work for you… bitch?
… fine… i call, like a good little bitch… longdistance…
the responder says: “the ‘system is giving some problems’ ‘lemme call u back’
me: …?!.. uh, ok
10min later: “oh, uhm, yeah, your order was just shipped
me: …?!.. uh, ok

… guess what Teavana… eat my shit, cos u aint gonna eat my money again. crackers.

2007 was in the Glendale mall, i see Teavana, wanted to see what theyre up to these days,
i go in, can barely walk 2 steps and the salespeople start jumping on me with questions. very annoying, i start looking in their catalog(actually i was fake reading), questions again: what kind of tea would you like, green, black – i say: im looking in the book … 1 minute later: have you seen our ‘new’ tea cup? …me: no (and stare back in the book)…. then she starts shoving the cup in my face and clamping on its buttons without me asking for shit… damnit!… i just ran out of the store.

I know what they remind me of…mattress sellers with theyr pushy techniques; oh yeah, or of BOSE, Monstr Cables, brainwashing people with theyr ubiquitous advertisements – nice covers for the flaming pile of shit underneath.

well, for those couple teas i got in the beginning, find them here… > clunk <


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