Green Tea and Brown rice .Nokchawon Co. Korea

May 10, 2006 at 7:51 am | Posted in Genmaicha, Green Tea, Tea Reviews | 2 Comments

found at a local korean food store Assi Market
made? by: Nokchawon Co. Korea

box of 50 bags x 1.2g ea

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technically i guess this is ‘genmaicha’ (japanese green + rice), dont know if this is japanese green tea.

Method: In cold water, 20minutes,

Taste: tea is very nice in flavor, tastes like the toasty barley tea with a bit more something (probably because…. its rice and tea… not barley)/ i barely detected any green tea flavor…

keep? NO. –> pick Genmaicha from Yamamotoyama.



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  1. it is like genmaicha. that is simple and clear thinking for other country. but (korean) green tea with brown rice is different from (japanese) genmaica. two country have different green tea category. for example genmaich have more blended source. and more nokchawon have a category which is called “green tea with grains”. this product is a sort of green tea with grain.
    (sorry for poor english. that’s not my mother language)

  2. thank you, your english is fine

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