Earl Grey Imperial .Chado Tea

May 10, 2006 at 7:42 am | Posted in Black Tea, Earl Grey, Tea Reviews | Leave a comment

Chado Tea  11$/4oz, 37$/1lb… not a bad price.

This is one of my favorite teas. The only EG i like.

Dry leaf, looks like some mix of black tea.

Smell: intensly of the bergamot. If you dont have a good cointaner, this will let you know because the strong smell will quickly come out!

Taste: 1 blk dispenser + 10oz water @190F  x 3-4min –> some astringency, darjeelingish… not the way i drink it –> add alot of sugar 😀 –> oh.. so… smooth… sugary bergamot  😀 😀 (make sure you have dental 😉 .Ive had many EGs, this one’s bergamot additive is the only one i like, others such as Teavana’s EG or most teabags taste nasty to me (except these EG teabags Heritage Teas, was more like Chado’s but had a funky ceylonish flavor i dont like.)

Wet leaf: chops of leaf-but pretty large, variegated brown and green look like Darjeeling tea (and it is :P, as their website says.)

ikeep? oh yes!

2007 – this is the only EG i like and stock.


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